Top 10 Nữ streamer Liên Minh Huyền Thoại và Đột Kích hot nhất Việt Nam (Mới)

In recent years, the gaming industry has thrived, along with that, professional gamers are also seen more fairly. At the same time, there is also a job associated with gamers that is livestream. Let’s explore with HDAD about the hottest female Streamers in the world of League of Legends and Raid games. These girls are both beautiful and talented, right? Hope you have had useful and interesting information with the article! Be the top 3 The criteria that is always aiming for is to bring the most useful information to the community


Misthy’s real name is Le Thy Ngoc, born in 1995, is one of the recent emerging female League of Legends streamers, but she is the female streamer who owns the largest number of viewers on her personal Facebook page. to over 50,000 followers. The important reason why she receives the attention and love of the viewer community is because Misthy interacts very well with the audience every time she livestreams.
In addition, she has a very stable broadcast time frame, usually from 6:30 pm to 10 pm every day. In addition, to change the atmosphere, she often invites guests who are hotgirls in the female team of female gamers League of Legends The Queen to livestream and chat. Misthy often makes jokes that make her audience very excited and happy. In particular, recently, this unique female streamer received a donation of 1000 USD on youtube from an anonymous giant.
Recently, this personality streamer caused a stir with fans by calling to confess her love to League of Legends team player Saigon Jokers Minas, and invited him to join the stream the next day. However, Minas is very timid and shy, which makes many male gamers extremely angry, with countless comments blaming Minas for not quickly agreeing but just “hmmm” as color.

Emerging female streamer Misthy
A livestream of Misthy


Female streamer Xuka, whose real name is Huynh Nhat Hoa was born in 1996. She is a familiar face to those who love League of Legends, she always owns a huge number of viewers and fans. The viewership on her stream channel is very high every time she livestreams, in addition, she also has more than 70,000 followers on Facebook, it is undeniable that Xuka is one of the hottest female streamers in Vietnam today. She has a hobby of painting and often listens to music while “fighting” League of Legends. She shared that she hates bugs, especially spiders.
Female streamer/gamer Xuka

Female streamer/gamer Xuka
A livestream video of Xuka


This beautiful female streamer from Quang Ngai, whose real name is Vo Thi Huong, is a familiar name in the gaming community. She is a beautiful talented gamer, and also a smart girl with extremely flexible ways of handling during livestream. In the eyes of fans, she has always been a lovely girl, with tens of thousands of followers on Facebook along with a stable viewership.
Beautiful female streamer with the nickname DauphaicoGiao

Beautiful female streamer with the nickname DauphaicoGiao
A livestream video of DauphaicoGiao – Vo Thi Huong

Kieu Anh

Female streamer Kieu Anh, real name Ha Kieu Anh, was born on December 5, 1995 (22 years old), she is currently a student at Hanoi University of Business and Technology (HUB). Before becoming a League of Legends gamer, Kieu Anh loved cosplay and was also a talented photo model. Nearly 3 years ago, through some invitations from friends, she chose the character Ahri in League of Legends to cosplay. Since then, this pretty girl has been interested in the female fox character Ahri and decided to learn to play League of Legends. Currently, she is a female LoL player of the EpicG team and plays under the nickname EpicG.Hera. With a beautiful and good-looking appearance, up to now, she has nearly hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook. Fans often follow her matches on 2 channels TalkTV and ESV. She often plays games with friends in the evening at Epic Center Gaming.
Female streamer/gamer 22 years old Kieu Anh

22-year-old female streamer/gamer Kieu Anh
A livestream video of Kieu Anh

Nhi LyLy

Nhi LyLy is famous in the gaming community as the “big sister” of Paradise Girl Team – an emerging League of Legends team that has achieved much success. Her real name is Pham Thi Phuong Anh, born on October 6, 1992, currently she is living and working in Hanoi. She plays the role of captain and supports Paradise Girl Team with the nickname PAG.Nhi Lyly.
As a girl belonging to the Libra zodiac sign, Nhi Lyly is known as an extremely active, creative, and intensely emotional girl. She loves community-oriented work, an outgoing personality, and is not afraid to interact with new friends.
She has a lovely face and a standard physique, thanks to which she has won the hearts of many male League of Legends gamers. She is always actively communicating with people, that’s why she is always loved by fans.
Female gamer/streamer Nhi Lyly

Female gamer/streamer Nhi Lyly
A livestream video of Nhi Lyly

Dam Ngoc Linh

Dam Ngoc Linh is probably the female streamer that any League of Legends gamer is familiar with with her beautiful face and extremely good gaming skills.
Possessing the appearance of a hotgirl, this 9x girl is also admired by many gamers because of her rare talent in the gaming community. At the same time, she is also a funny female MC, and is famous as a Caster/Streamer in the gaming community.
In particular, recently, she also participated in the Raid game stream. Famous for her technique in League of Legends, she has almost no trouble getting used to a shooting game like Raid.
Female streamer Dam Ngoc Linh, recently she joined the stream game Raid

Female streamer Dam Ngoc Linh, recently she joined the stream game Raid
A livestream video of Dam Ngoc Linh

Truong Thuy Quynh (Babi)

Truong Thuy Quynh was born in 1997, she is currently a 2nd year student at Hanoi Medical University, Faculty of Preventive Medicine. She used to be famous in the Raid gaming community with her “sorrowful” skills, a beautiful, good-looking face and especially admirable academic achievements. At the same time, she is also a member of the Queen’s Women’s Raid Team, and participates in the national professional tournaments of Raid under the nickname EpicQ.Babi
Beautiful female streamer Truong Thuy Quynh (Babi)

Beautiful female streamer Truong Thuy Quynh (Babi)
A livestream video of the game Raid by Truong Thuy Quynh

Tran Thuy Linh (LinhKun)

The Raid gaming community is probably no stranger to the hotgirl LinhKun name.
Famous throughout the gaming community since the offline 6th birthday of Raid, Tran Thuy Linh with the nickname LinhKun has become more and more known since she announced her dreamlike love affair with sniper Lam Sung.
Although, now this couple has gone their separate ways, Tran Thuy Linh has not lost her charm.
Female streamer LinhKun

Female streamer LinhKun
A livestream video of Tran Thuy Linh (LinhKun)

Tran Thi Thanh Loan

Tran Thi Thanh Loan, female gamer with a very cute nickname Su, she was born in 1995 in Hai Phong. Currently, she is a student. Her hobbies are traveling, listening to music, playing Raid. Like many other girls, Su detests insects and reptiles. She is currently the main Sniper of the Queen team, an important role indispensable in the attack.
Female streamer Tran Thi Thanh Loan with the cute nickname Su

Female streamer Tran Thi Thanh Loan with the cute nickname Su
Video Tran Thi Thanh Loan (Su) livestream game Raid


Female streamer and gamer Yuri, whose real name is Nguyen Thoai Cam Tu, was born on February 14, 1995, currently a streamer of CyberCore Gaming. She has a dream to become the manager of a professional League of Legends team. She has been with League of Legends for 4 years until now, a period no less than the “old” gamers. Possessing a wealth of experience, currently, she is actively climbing the rank to assert her position in the gaming community.
This pretty, cute girl loves cute animals such as dogs, cats,… In addition, she also loves to gather with her brothers, sisters, friends at small parties as well as work. photo model.
As a quite famous streamer on CC Talk and TalkTV, she has won a lot of love from the gaming community in the country. Currently, she has over 27,000 followers on her personal Facebook. And she always receives hundreds to thousands of likes and countless comments with the status or series of photos she posts online. In addition, fans often ask her to livestream
Female streamer and gamer Yuri

Female streamer and gamer Yuri
A livestream video of Yuri’s League of Legends game

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